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Why Some Businesses Are More Successful Than Others

As Business Owners, we’ve all done it, at one time or another! Looked around at others and wondered… 

‘How is it they are so successful and I’m struggling to even make a clear profit?’

The curse of the Small Business Owner

It’s the curse of the STRUGGLING Small Business Owner! Feeling as though you have to do everything yourself because you don’t have enough money to pay for others to do it for you.

Fact is… The reason you don’t have enough money coming in regularly is that you spend time doing things that don’t bring money in!

Successful Business Owners

The others… those you perceive as ‘SUCCESSFUL’ understand the value of paying someone else - someone who does it well - to do the things they’re not great at, so they can spend more time doing the things that make them money!

Outsource Activities You Don’t Do Well

Over the years we’ve worked with Small and Micro Business Owners, the one defining attitude we’ve seen in more successful business owners is their willingness to INVEST in OUTSOURCING!

Be Brave!

It’s a brave move but as a business owner, the moment you change your attitude from COST to INVESTMENT when thinking about outsourcing is the moment you begin to think like a Successful Business Owner!

Winning Back Time

Successful Business Owners have more productive, profitable time in their businesses because the time they save by outsourcing the things they know they wouldn’t do well, they spend doing the things that bring in money…

So it’s not just time saved, it’s extra time gained that’s more profitable than the cost to outsource that activity!

Have a look at the list of essential business-building activities below.

How many do you do yourself which could be done better by someone else? 

...someone who would do it better and quicker than you or someone who will do it for a less cost per hour than the profit you could make if you were doing the thing that makes you money:

Marketing Myth

There’s no point in marketing for marketing’s sake!

If your marketing activities aren’t achieving the aim of Getting and Keeping Customers you’re wasting time you could be otherwise putting into other activities.

It’s often better not to do anything at all than spending time doing poor marketing, at least you could spend that time doing other things!

So what we"re saying is...

If you don't enjoy something (or if you do and because you do, you spend more time doing it than you should) and know you’re not that good at it and it gobbles time in your business, that's the thing you should get somebody else to do for you, so that you can get back to getting and keeping customers.

So get writing that list of things you should be outsourcing, be brave and START NOW!

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