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Values Driven marketing for small and independent business in the UK

Communicating Your Values...

By Living Our Values Everyday

At Two.Marketing, we believe that communicating our values is more than just words - it’s about living them each and every day.


That’s why we are committed to leading with lasting purpose, creating an environment of trust and positivity, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, and always seeking to do the right thing.


We are excited to share our mission, our values and what we do to embody them each day, to give you a deeper understanding of our purpose so that together, we can continue to build something meaningful.

Mission Statement

"We are committed to providing ethical, value-based marketing services to support businesses and organisations to achieve their goals and plans for growth.


Supporting clients to communicate their mission, vision and values, for organisational success and positive social impact."

David & Gaynor Ramsden | TWO.Marketing

Our Values Statement 

Why Ethical Marketing?


Having been in business for many years and working alongside literally hundreds of business owners, it's fair to say we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when comes to business ethics and values.


In today's society, there’s lots banded about around values, however, sadly much of it is simply nothing more than virtue signalling for commercial gain.


While we have always aimed to do business ethically, it’s more recently that we decided to make a conscious stand to align our business and personal values and really ‘nail our colours to the mast’.


We believe that all marketing efforts should provide genuine value in order to earn the attention and trust of the target audience and that any marketing efforts should come from a position of honesty and integrity, whether that's around the content delivered or the safekeeping and value of personal data.



We Commit To Honesty and Integrity In Marketing


As ethical marketers, we commit to acting at all times with honesty and integrity both in our own marketing campaigns and while delivering those of our clients.

We Pledge to...

Never knowingly use dishonest marketing tactics, including:

  • Not exaggerating benefits of products and services and only using realistic descriptors.

  • Never promoting false testimonials or reviews.

  • Never inflating analytics or results when feeding back to our clients or to the client's customers.

  • Not actively deliver false messages to protect and cover up negativity

Reject Impact Washing and greenwashing, where businesses claim to be doing for the ‘greater good’ when in actual fact it's simply commercial gain. 

Always act with inclusion in mind, avoiding exploitation and stereotyping, and being sensitive to diversity, culture, gender etc.

Always use permission-based email marketing


Self Checking 

We know that declaring honesty and integrity is the easy bit. So we pledge to use self-checking systems to ensure that any campaigns we deliver adhere to the above.

Living Our Values Everyday

At TWO.Marketing, we believe in living our values every day and in everything we do. We take a holistic approach to ethical marketing by carefully choosing who we work with and the accreditations we strive for. We are passionate about encouraging our clients, partners, and teams to all share in these same values.


We consider it our responsibility to make sure that everyone is aware of how and why ethical practices matter both now, and for generations to come.

We are excited to share the steps we take to try to make sure we are on the right track...

TWO.Marketing has earned Good Business Charter accreditation, committing us to maintaining ethical practices and standards.


By adhering to the charter's 10 key components, we are creating a safe, transparent and responsible environment for our clients and employees. We understand how important trust is in the marketing world and strive to build relationships with our clients through honesty and transparency. For more information on what this means for TWO.Marketing and how we plan on upholding these principles, check out our blog post about the principles of the Good Business Charter.

Digital devices as a background to The Good Business Charter accreditation for Two Marketing
Two Marketing is proud to be members of the good business charter
We are proudly a living wage employer

We believe that everyone should be compensated fairly for the work they do. As an accredited real living wage employer, we are committed to paying our employees wages that meet or exceed the Living Wage Foundation recommendations. We strive to ensure our employees have a livable income and can support themselves and their families with dignity.

David and Gaynor Ramsden are trainers for we are digital, helping small businesses grow in the UK

Two Marketing serves as a Digital Trainer for We are Digital, a social impact company that offers government-funded training courses that help more people access online resources. The courses offer a wide range of topics from basic technology fundamentals to more complex digital skills. We are proud to be part of this mission and look forward to continuing our partnership with We are Digital.

David and Gaynor are proud mentors at Enterprise Nation. Helping independent businesses to grow

TWO.Marketing is proud to be a mentor at Enterprise Nation. We strive to provide their members with the tools, resources and advice they need to start and succeed in business. By connecting entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers with mentors and experts, Enterprise Nation is helping more people realise their dreams.

Two.Marketing are mentors to small business owners and start-ups for Small Business Britain

As mentors for Small Business Britain, we are dedicated to helping small businesses in the UK reach their full potential. Through a variety of resources, events and campaigns, we are committed to helping Small Business Britain in aiding thousands of small business owners to grow their businesses and increase their confidence in the ever-changing economic environment.

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