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What other people say about you is 500 times more powerful than anything you could say about yourself. Below are just a small selection of reviews and feedback we have collected over the years. You can see more on Linkedin too.

"For 3 months now Gaynor and Two Marketing have been running our ChorleyBricks social media campaign with weekly posts on FB and Insta and blogs on our website.
With messaging multiple times a week Gaynor has opened up our service to new areas, invited micro influencers to showcase our products and even got us on @Bolton FM this morning.
This has enabled us to focus on what we know, whilst Gaynor has taken charge of our social media exposure, fully understanding our business and providing vital feedback, sound board and even graphics for our posts. :-) This partnership will continue for some time yet. :-)"

Gary Foxcroft

"I had my first mentoring session with Gaynor and David recently and it was incredibly helpful. They offered excellent practical tips and really understood my business and the challenges I've faced. I'm looking forward to my next session and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for marketing support. Thank you Gaynor!"

Carly Webb

"Gaynor is the consummate entrepreneur who, along with her equally talented husband and business partner David, has created a strong business reputation Her organisational skills, practical knowledge of communication technology and sheer business "nouse" mark her out as someone who will always succeed. At the same time, she understands what clients want and how to supply this"

Angela K

"I know Gaynor for the work she does helping businesses and getting them established mentoring and teaching about social media. Gaynor is a giver she’s a smart cookie, creative a problem solver. A hard-working forward-thinking community leader. I have nothing but good things to say over the time I’ve gotten to know Gaynor. Her and David are a team I’d want in my corner"

Carla H

"As part of the Small & Mighty Business Programme Gaynor was my mentor. Our first session was amazing. I came away with an action plan to implement and also some ideas of how to move forward. It was the catalyst I needed and gave me some ideas of areas to explore to move my business forward."

Judith Healy

"I met (virtually) with Gaynor and David as part of the Small Business Britain mentoring programme. We spent a very productive hour discussing my business and plans for the future. They asked insightful questions and helped me to work out where I need to focus my efforts and the steps I need to take in order to make progress. I very much look forward to our follow up conversation."

Samantha Chetwood

"I've known Gaynor and her husband David since late 2013. She has an enviable marketing skill set, from identifying opportunities, to putting strategies in place to maximise them. Always willing to offer advice and tough love when needed, one of her many strengths is the ability to coach independent family businesses on how to nurture and grow their business"

Ann P

"Gaynor has a refreshing, innovative, direct and ethical approach that respects the buyer and the seller. Gaynor is all about fostering relationships as the basis for sales and business growth, passionate about the people she engages with and her clients, she is a natural communicator. I can't recommend her highly enough to deliver on your marketing and sales in a professional and creative way"

Tracy S

"Gaynor has helped us restructure our complete digital solution over a number of months. In doing so we have created a streamlined, focused approach going forward. She’s made it simple and I’d be happy to point anyone in her direction for help and guidance."

Roger McBride

"Unsurprisingly really, you get what it says on the tin: TWO (!) as in TWO.Marketing - TWO different views, approaches, perspectives, questions.

David and Gaynor complement each other and you really get two for the price of one. I only had one mentoring session with both, but came back with loads of food for thought, that I'm still digesting and then I'll go through my list to start implementing.

Can't wait to see you and David for the second session and I feel so privileged to get twice the mentoring benefit. Thank you!"

Sylvia Tillmann

"Gaynor ran some social media sessions with senior management at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust advising us on how we can improve and enhance the organisation's social media presence.The sessions were fantastic, and Gaynor's enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject was extremely helpful as well as providing a helpful critique of what the Trust was doing - would definitely recommend Gaynor for this type of work"

Ceila G

"Gaynor is so passionate and knowledgeable, she is like a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad I found her

I’m new to business and her training and expertise helped to push me in the right direction. It was great to have her look at my Facebook page as an outsider and give me an insight and so many ideas of how I can truly get my message across.

I’m new to business and her training and expertise helped to push me in the right direction. It was great to have her look at my Facebook page as an outsider and give me an insight and so many ideas of how I can truly get my message across. Thanks so much for everything!"

Kelly Ann Geary

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