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Do You Stay In Touch With Your Customers?

In the world of trades and property services, staying in touch with your customers is crucial for maintaining a thriving business.

I'd like to share a valuable marketing lesson about the importance of regular communication with your clients.

Case Study:

Every year, just before Christmas, we have our oven cleaned by the same guy, someone we trust.

Like clockwork, he reaches out to remind me to schedule the service. This routine has been established for several years now, and it has worked well for both of us.

However, as the years went by, I noticed a recurring pattern.

By the time the guy contacted me, he was usually overwhelmed with requests. The demand for pre-Christmas oven cleaning was high, and fitting me into his busy schedule became a challenge.

Despite the challenges though, he always reached out, and we managed to get the job done.

I always appreciated his proactive approach, and everything turned out fine in the end.

But last year was different!

Following the usual routine, he contacted me, but I didn't need the oven cleaning service as we'd had a new kitchen fitted and my oven was brand new.

So, I deviated from the norm.

Fast forward to last week, when I looked at my oven and realized it desperately needed cleaning.

It was a "must-do" task and waiting for his annual contact wasn't an option.

That's when it hit me...

I had no way of contacting him!

I didn't know his name or the name of his company, making it impossible to reach out for his services.

This situation got me thinking about the importance of regular communication and how it can benefit both businesses and customers.

I had been a loyal customer for years, relying on his annual contact but wouldn't it have been better if he had stayed in touch throughout the year?

Not in an intrusive way, but perhaps with a quarterly email or text, just to keep his business on my radar.

That way, he would have had a better chance of being my go-to option when I needed my oven cleaning, or even being able to refer him to a friend if I was ever asked who I use.

Do You Stay In Touch With Your Customers?

Often, business owners in the trades and property services industry express concerns about keeping in touch with their customers.


They worry about coming across as pushy or sales-oriented.

However, staying connected, when done right, is an essential part of building a strong relationship between the customer and the supplier.

In the case of the oven cleaning professional, there were numerous opportunities for him to stay in touch.

  • He could have shared news of something, like winning an award

  • Introduced new services

  • Send a brief article about spring cleaning linked to his business

These simple actions would have helped him stay top-of-mind and reinforced our relationship.

Unfortunately, I failed to keep his contact details, assuming that his annual contact would be sufficient.

Now, I worry that his annual reminder will come too late, and I will have already had my oven cleaned by someone else.

If the new guy (or girl) happens to be more proactive in their communication, I might be swayed to give them my repeat business.


So, let's apply this lesson to your business, regardless of your sector.

  • Pay special attention if you offer services that customers only need infrequently, and even more so if they only know you for a particular service.

  • It's important to let them know about other services you offer and take advantage of new "windows of opportunity" to stay connected.

If this story resonates with you and you feel the need for guidance in implementing effective customer communication strategies, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We offer a number of services such as Email Marketing and Newsletter campaigns, which are great for staying in touch in a non-salesy way and building lasting, trusted relationships.

Remember, staying in touch with your customers is not just about sales; it's about nurturing, building strong relationships and ensuring your customers think of you when they need your expertise.

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