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5 Places You Can Find An Endless Supply Of Social Media Content

Social Media, love it or hate it, one thing we know is that it's an essential part of the marketing mix to help you get your business found and noticed.

But that doesn't mean it comes easy!

Social Media Content

We've been working with business owners now for over 15 years and the same two things come up over and over again.

They tell us...

  1. I don't know what to say

  2. I don't have the time

And sometimes there's a 3rd...

'We've got nothing interesting to say'

So we're gonna cover the first two and give you a few ideas of where you can get a regular stream of social media content but on the 3rd.. We're calling it TOSH!

Every business, no matter what, has plenty to say!

If 'Loos of London' can think of stuff to say, then so can you ( check out Loos Of London on Tik Tok)

Screenshot of 'Loos of London' TikTok profile

OK let's deal with the second of the reasons first.

I don't have the time!

We get that, it can feel time-consuming creating content, and it can feel hard work finding how and where to post.

Our answer to this one is easy. The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature.

Think of a time when you've been learning something new. It feels awkward, you have to keep checking and double-checking. eg Learning to drive.

Once you've mastered it and you drive daily, it's second nature, you do it without thinking, and you don't have to worry about the gears, the clutch, about adjusting mirrors.

You just do it.

And posting on socials is the same.

Ok now for the first one

I don't know what to post.

This one is a common one and again like the first one, when you get in the habit of where to look, the content will come easy to you.

So here are 5 ideas where you can find content quickly and easily.

Your Inbox

Think of what comes into your inbox on a daily basis. It could be questions from customers. If you're being asked questions privately, then I guarantee that others are wondering. So take the questions and create posts with them. It helps build confidence and shows you're putting your customers front and centre. How about suppliers, do they send products, and industry updates? Again share these in posts

Your Website

You will have spent a long time putting content together on your website about your company, products and services.

Use this, broken down in small chunks to create social content.

If you've never been on this site, now is a great time to try it out. ATP is a Search Listening Tool that listens to google and what people are searching for about particular topics and phrases and then puts them into results based on What, Why How, Where and many more type of questions.

Put a keyword in for your business and see what comes up.

Caution - you only get 3 free searches per day, then you have to go premium which is $99 per month. So use them carefully.

Screenshot of answer the public website

Google Search Featured snippets

Have you ever seen the little boxes that come up on Google when you do a search? These boxes usually show 2 or 3 answers to questions that your search relates to?

These are called featured snippets and are a great way of finding content relating to your business products and services.

Search your keywords or ask Google a question, then see what comes up.

Screenshot of Google SERps 'People also ask' feature

Google Alerts

Screenshot og Goole Alerts

Google Alerts are a fabulous way of getting web content relating to your business, sector, products, and services straight to your inbox.

You simply set up an alert with your chosen word or phrase and then decide how you want the results. You can have them sent to you daily or weekly. You can opt to have it from the UK only or other countries. You can get only the best results or all results.

Our blog, Why You Need To Set Up Google Alerts has more detail on this.

Caution - Your inbox can easily get swamped so either create a new inbox, especially for these or make sure you manage and delete them on a regular basis.


Want to learn more about using social media to help your business get found and noticed - then why not book one of our power hour calls?

Don't have time for all this - why not book a free Discovery Call with us and we can talk through our Done For You and Done With You services.

Finally - Check our FREEBIES section of the website where we have lots of free downloads to help you grow your business.

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