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Facebook Professional Profiles - All You Need To Know

If you're using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, then you will want to know about this new feature just being rolled out in the UK.

Facebook Professional Profiles

Launched last week by Meta Facebook Professional Profiles brings features to personal profiles that were only previously available on business pages.

Using your personal profile to do business on Facebook has been against their terms and conditions... until now!

The announcement was made back in December 2021 and is now being rolled out here in the UK.

So what exactly is a professional mode on Facebook

Professional mode is a new way to manage and more importantly monetise your personal Facebook account.

Turning on professional mode for your profile means anyone can follow you and see your public content. You are also still on control of who sees what content you share and can still share updates with friends and family by changing the privacy settings on each post.

If you're a content creator in any way, shape or form for your business then this is worth making the switch.

Here are just some of the benefits you get when you switch...

  1. Reels Play Bonus Program - You can make money from your reels

  2. Schedule Posts - A few days after you switch you will get the option to start scheduling content on your personal profile.

  3. Facebook Live Monetisation - Using in-stream ad's

  4. Facebook Stars- Fans can purchase and send you stars during your live or reels when enabled.

  5. Easily Build An Email List - You can add a call to action to your profile page to encourage people to sign up to your list.

  6. Audience Insights - You get access to a dashboard of insights to see which of your content is working and which isn't.

Some of the above features are only available when certain criteria are met e.g to get stars, you must have 1000 followers and have these for 60 consecutive days.

Is professional mode for me?

If you're someone who regularly shares content with your audience and have connections on your personal profile that relate to business, then switching to professional mode is worth testing out.

If you only ever share family and friends updates then probably not.

How Do I Switch

Example of a Facebook personal profile

Simply go to the three dots on your profile and click the 3 dots.

Example of Facebook profile settings

Find the tab that says Turn On Professional Mode'

Example of Facebook professional profile options

Then explore the options.

Some things to be aware of

If you're attached to your little 101 character bio, at the moment that seems to disappear on mobile but is still there on desktop

You automatically get assigned as a DIGITAL CREATOR - you can go in and change this using the pre set options under 'Edit Profile'

Screenshot of Facebook headings

Final Word

Bear in mind, this is a new feature being rolled out so it is likely to have glitches while it settles down. Also that you may not see all the features mentioned as some get rolled out over time.

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