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Mini Marketing Tip - Get Found & Noticed By Optimising Your Social Profiles.

Mini Marketing Tip - Optimising Your Social meia Profiles and Bio's

There is always so much to do when marketing and growing your business, so what's important is that you make sure your profiles are working for you organically outside of the content you post.

It's easy to get caught up in creating content graphics and focusing on engagement ( which is incredibly important too ) but without optimising your social profiles making sure things are up to date, you could be missing out on vital traffic that you don't have to work quite so hard to get.

So we have put together a really simple check list to help you do a quick run through of your profiles and make sure they are optimised well, look amazing and give a fabulous first impression of your brand.

Here's 7 quick things you can check...

Sample Instagram Bio

1. Bio

Your bio is present on many of the major platforms. Instagram being the main one. It's a great way of highlighting your niche, your USP and help your followers see quickly why they should connect and follow you.

2. Cover and profile photos

Your profile picture is a great way of building your brand, keep it consistent across the platforms so your followers start to identify with you. If you're building a personal brand, get a good quality head shot that you can drop onto a coloured background so the image really pops out. There are some great apps for this.

Your cover photo on FB, Twitter or Linkedin is a HUGE piece of real estate, make sure you create a great looking one and our handy hint, check it out on all devices to see how it's viewed on mobile versus desktop.

Remember most people will be viewing on mobile so the last thing you want is for the vital elements to be chopped off.

3. Website links

Drop your link in to make it easy for people to connect with you. If you don't have a website, link to a blog about you, or maybe link to another of your social platforms such as LinkedIn, so those who want to check you out a little bit more, can do so.

4. Contact info

How can potential customers get in touch, Make it easy for them by completing any prompts to add your contact details.

5. Action buttons

Screen shot of Facebook Visit Group button

Facebook and Insta have a great range of action buttons, ranging from 'Join Our Group', to 'Book Now'. Check them out and add one that fits you best.

6. Pinned posts

A pinned post is usually one where you're offering the most value. It may be a new product or service, it may be a viral video or how to get in touch. Instagram has three pinned posts, FB has one, Tik Tok has pinned posts and LinkedIn has featured posts. Check them out and see what you want to add there.

7. Custom URL's

Create a custom URL. If you don't you will get a random URL usually consisting of lots of letters and numbers. This means when you share your URL - there are no keywords linking to your business. Most people use their business name, but it's also ok to use keywords too. Whatever you decide, make sure you take advantage as it's a great way to get a much more professional feel.


Schedule a check every couple of months as things can change and we can often forget to update our social profiles once the initial setup has been done.

So there you go, 7 tips on optimising your profiles to make sure your business gets found and noticed as much as possible before you start hitting the content.

If you want any help and support with optimising your profiles with images, copy and more, schedule a discovery call with us and we can help you streamline your brand to help you get found and noticed

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