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Have You Seen The New WhatsApp Updates?

In a statement in April, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major overhaul and changes coming soon, bringing new WhatsApp updates, to make the platform much more focused around a deeper level of communication which extends outside of simply friends and family.

Here's just a few of the changes we can expect

  1. Reactions to messages with emoji's

  2. Abilty to send larger files

  3. More people in a group chat

Lets have a look in a little more detail at the changes being rolled out.

Reactions - We are all familiar with responding with emojis. Facebook introduced a range of responses back in 2016 in addition to its Thumbs Up we also got a heart, laughing emoji, wow emoji, sad and angry emoji too and if anyone remembers back then, there was a big debate over whether Facebook would be also releaasing a 'dislike' button too.

Well the dislike didnt happen but of course we are all very familiar now with the rest of the emoji reactions and makes perfect sense that we have these on WhatsApp too - I already have the emoji's, do you?

The six usual reaction emojis

File Size - This is a great addition as the previous file size was only 100MB which has been increased to 2GB - while it doesn't sound much, it really does offer more flexibility when sending things via WhatsApp - word of caution though.

Use this sparingly as can take a while to send especially if you are off wifi - the good news though is that there will be a counter so you can see how long uploading and downloading will actually take.

Group Chat Capacity - This has been increased from 256 at any time to 512 people! Don't know about you but I found it hard enough to keep up with conversations with the lesser amount, I don't think I stand a chance now. And imagine if they are all adding emoji reactions too

So there we go - three changes to WhatsApp which are being rolled out as we speak.

Let us know in the comments which of the above you already have available to use.

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